Hemorrhoids-Treating Ointment (Gang Tai Ruan Gao )


It is applicable to blood stools, swelling ,distention, pain caused by internal and external hemorroid, mixed hemorroid
  • Composition:Moschus of man-maded and Borneolum, etc.
  • Action and Use:It is used to clear away heat from blood and arrest blood, clear away the heat and toxic marterials, dry the dampness and promote astringency of sore, subduce swelling and relieve pain, It is applicable for blood stools, swelling ,distention, pain caused by internal and external hemmorroid, mixed hemmoroid.
  • Dosage and Administration:This drug is ointment for external use. Once or twice daily. It is used at morning and evening or after shitting. First wash the affected part with warm water and wipe it clean, then take off the cover of the tube, use the point of the cover to thrust the nozzle, set on the prepared clean-keeping top, insert the anus and give proper quantity of drug. Wipe the clean-keeping top clean with paper, set on the cover for next time using. Paste the prepared adhesive plaster to inner pants to prevent the drug stained the inner pants, wash the cloth with clean water or abluent if it is stained by drugs.
  • Characteristic:1.Administer the drug on effected side, especially for the external hemorrhoid and mixed hemorrhoid, and infective external hemorrhoid. 2.Obvious function to arresting blood, relieve pain, resolve the swelling. 3.can be used both on the external side and in the rectum. 4.particular keep-clean head assure the reasonable and plenty administer. 5. Nonwoven rubberized clothes to prevent it from contaminating underwear.
  • Specification:10g/vial/box
  • Contraindication:For pregnant women, it is forbidden and it is inhibited to be taken orally.
  • Storage:Be sealed up, keep it in a cool place.
  • Image for the illustrative purpose.

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