Black Snake Itching-Stopping Pill (Wu She Zhi Yang Wan)


  • Composition: Black-striped snake, cnidium, borneol, tangkuei, moutan bark, pubescent angelica, ledebouriella, atractylodes rhizome.
  • Action and Use: Nourishing blood, expelling wind, drying dampness, stopping itching. It is used for pruritis (itching skin), urticaria which is due to deficient blood, stagnated heat, or binding of wind and damp with the symptoms of dry skin, thickening skin, broken skin, or damp ulcer, swollen, erosive ulcer, yellow scar, etc.
  • Dosage and Administration: Taking orally. 2.5 grams (about 20 pills) each time, three times a day
  • Characteristic:
  • Specification: 30 grams /bottle
  • Caution:
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