Sea Dog Pill (Hai Gou Wan)


Warming kidneys, strengthening yang.
  • Composition: ginseng, lycium berry, phellodendron bark, moutan bark, epimedium, sea horse, dog's penis, deer's penis, morinda root, poria, cinnamon twig, peach kernel, tangkuei.
  • Action and Use: Warming kidneys, strengthening yang. It is used to treat kidney deficiency manifested by aching and soft waist and knees, weariness, impotency, aversion to cold, profuse night urine, premature ejaculation, shortness of breath and panting.
  • Dosage and Administration: To be taken orally, four pills each time, three times per day.
  • Characteristic:
  • Specification: 120 pills/pack
  • Caution:
  • Image for the illustrative purpose.

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